Hello world

I’m Chloe. Creating this site was one of the things I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, but just couldn’t find the time to. I guess in the city, everyone gets so caught up with life, that we forget to do the things that are important, but maybe not so urgent to us. Now, I’m writing this post on the train.

The reason why I created this site was because of my first love – writing. I’ve always loved to write. And in this site I hope the reader finds inspiration, directions, and things that will enhance or change his/her life. I’ll be putting up short, easy to read articles on how to beautify yourself, how to slim down, how to find your life’s purpose and goals. In time to come I hope chloe.teo will be an avenue where readers from all over the world connect, and that this site in itself becomes an identity and a branding, an inspiration for change.

Till the next post,