Karma can be such a bitch

Do u believe in karma?
The law of cause and effect.

It’s true.
Whatever you do always comes back to you. It’s just a matter of time…

I’ve tried so hard in this relationship. Because of my mistakes in the past.
But in the end, I still got so badly hurt.

Is it really possible to start anew?
Can I put my trust and faith again.
Or should I start afresh and start over?

For once, I don’t have a clear answer.


Have I become complicated?
Or it’s the situation and environment that’s more complicated.
Or maybe, it’s both.

I used to be simple
Used to believe and think so simply
Now I’ve become so much more knowledgable, so much more skilful, so much more matured.
But I’ve lost that simplicity
Innocence is the only thing that cannot be relearnt.