What if some memories just can’t be erased?

Maybe it’s me that changed.

Maybe it’s us.

More than likely, it’s that certain memories are just too difficult to forget.  

Is it really possible to start over?

Or has my love -and faith- just faded away.

I guess it wasn’t as simple as I imagined.



Even if I don’t text you,

It doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you.

Does this happen to you too?

I really miss you, j. And I’m just too cowardly to tell you how much really. Scared that you won’t feel the same. But I really wish, you are here.

And that’s all I have to say, really.

We all live behind tinted glass

We all live behind tinted glass. This glass represents the beautiful image we paint towards the world. That you’re living the life. That you’ve got it all. The money, the looks, the social class – and life -. So we Instagram and Facebook everything. From the kind of parties you attend, to the new boyfriend you’re with and even what you had for lunch or dinner.

But behind this fragile glass, more often then not, we’re all vulnerable. With insecurities, with hidden secrets. And because we want to protect that tinted glass, sometimes we feel that there’s just so many sides we can show to others. 

But if you ever bother to look behind the pretty glass you see, you’ll realise that, this glass is not even a representative of that person. It was simply, a pretence. 

And behind this tinted glass, is a living soul, that in any sort of way, hungers for acceptance, recognition, and love. 

And I admit that I have one of this tinted glass too.