It’s true. 

That you have to go through shit to appreciate it when things are good.

That you have to meet hypocrites to know your true friends. 

That you have to get hurt by lies to be able to see the truth.

That the only way to become stronger is to withstand challenges that make you want to crack.

That you have to go through downs to truly understand the ups.

And in the end, the only person you will ever have to answer to is yourself.

People can tell you what to do and what not to, but eventually you’re the only one responsible for your life. You don’t answer to your parents, your partner, friends or anyone else.

And sometimes, you have to risk losing, to gain the things you are fighting for.


It’s like you want to make time go slower

He was wearing a dark blue checkered formal. His hair newly dyed blonde with green highlights. And that same baby face. 

Still as talkative as usual. Never ending things to say. And still as charming (to me at least) 

That hour seems like ten minutes now that its past.

And goodbye seems way too soon. 

Your mind says you don’t care

But your subconscious does. 

I dreamt of him, in out yesterday night. 

He came to fetch me for lunch. We both missed work, for god knows how long. 

I remember him saying I feel closer to you than I’ve ever been.

Remember the warmth of his hug.

i miss you.


Im sorry for the lack of updates…so caught up with life recently.

Time really seems to fly sometimes doesn’t it? In a short span, everything has changed.

Felt like shit just 6 months back. Like I’ve lost all direction. And just half a year later, I can’t find the words to express my appreciation towards life.

Met a wonderful boss (how rare is that?), wonderful colleagues and found a great career.

I found back that drive – for work, for life.

and the spirit to fight towards my ideals in life.

And all it started with was a decision to change.

I’ve removed a lot of poison and negativity in my life. And I’m starting to understand myself truly, and what I want.