I love my boss

And thankfully he feels the same about me.

I don’t mean love in that relationship sense of course, but rather in a platonic sense. (very important to clarify)

I guess when you feel appreciated and valued, it makes the world of a difference to the place you work in.

And having a boss you admire, for his capabilities and character, to me I feel it’s important.

I’m really thankful and appreciative of it.

August was a good month for me, and hopefully September will be even better.

And I hope the same to everyone reading this. 🙂 


The most important meal of the day


On a lighter note, I really feel that a good breakfast really makes your day.

And there’s really nothing more I love than scrambled eggs and English breakfast tea in the morning, accompanied by good companionship.

I guess it’s the little things in life that I still love.

Recently I came across a quote that make me reflect.

‘Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing’ – Oscar Wilde

I can’t help but feel that’s so true. An old friend of mine fell out with another friend over money, and it wasn’t even much, really.

It’s funny how people value money over friendship nowadays.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m human too. I think money is important to achieve certain ideals in life. But money doesn’t buy you happiness, doesn’t buy you the things that truly matter.

Rather, I believe its the process of obtaining that money, the kind of effort you put in and the achievement you get – how it builds you to be a better person. And eventually when you get it, what you do with it that matters.

Because eventually, people don’t remember how much money you had in your bank account, what car you drove when eventually we’ve passed on.

But they will always remember how you impacted their lives (good or bad) and how you made them feel.

You’re always there, everywhere

But right now I wish you were here.

I dreamt of you again, last night. Sometimes I wonder, if what I dream of, is what my innermost thoughts are. It’s like I don’t have any avenue to express them, except in my dreams.

You know how when you’re young, you can say anything and don’t think about the consequences?

I’ll admit I’m the exact opposite now. I talk a whole lot – to everyone – but exactly what is most important on my mind. 

But that dream last night, its like all the repressed feelings that even I wasn’t clear about became clear to me. 

That familiarity of you driving me, I missed it so much.

I think you’re alot like me. 

Acting strong, with the same drive. But within it exists the same emotional side you don’t show to anyone. 


I don’t know, if the dream is what I think will happen.
Or what will really happen. 
There’s familiarity and that sense of realism, that makes me feel that it’s true.
But that’s ironic, because it is just a dream.
Of course, it could be a replay of emotions from the memories. 
The kind of feeling we always get when we are together.
That, we’re in trouble kind of feeling. 
That kind of love that feels wrong and right at the same time. 
I can’t explain, why I feel like I feel for you.
And I think I would never be able to explain it. 
Probably you don’t know that you still mean that to me. 
You think that I’d forget you.
I probably should.
You’ve moved on.
But you will always remain.
As the first person I’ve ever truly loved, and hurt so much.

Isn’t it ironic?

That a Facebook message from 3 years back can still make me feel so much.

I guess that everyone has that one love in their life that they never forget. 

It’s not how long you know them.

It’s just the feelings that you felt that you’d never forget. 

I read this quote somewhere before, and until now I think it still is true.

People forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they can never forget how you made them feel. 

It was really such an innocent love. 

There are so many things I wanna tell you, but there’s no way to tell them.

But I’m happy for you.


I know I don’t really type this kind of goal setting post. But yeah, I really wanted to achieve this. 

I will achieve my very first 6k paycheque from Sharp in August 2013.

I need to fulfil additional 14k worth of sales.

And two more iwb sales. 

I will achieve about 6.5k. 

I can, I will, I MUST.