It’s time to let go

There’s a time for everything.

There’s a time for hellos,

There’s a time for goodbyes.

There’s a time where you let go.

Of the past, of hurt.

Of all the bitterness & anger. 

Today I’ve deleted off all the old text messages,

Blocked it out of Facebook on my news feed.

I’ve held on to the hatred for far too long.

Somehow the past keeps finding me. Through old contacts and all.

But I’m happy where I am now.

I’ve made wonderful new friends, new colleagues

And found new direction for my life.

In my heart, I know that –

It’s time to move on.


Is dying to be the bitch for once,

Most days I’m really nice.

Most days I’m good.

But today, I’m really

Dying to be the bitch for once. 

Some people deserve to have their payback. 

People live in the past

For two reasons.

1) It hurt too much and they can’t forget.

2) It meant so much that they can’t – and don’t want to – forget.

As time passes, memories gradually fade.

Until an incident, a photograph or a text message reminds you.

And all the memories come flooding in.

My love for writing

Since young, I’ve loved to write.

I’ve written short stories, mostly, sometimes diary posts.

When I grow older, many hobbies fade, but my love for penning my thoughts doesn’t.

I think everyone has certain thoughts that they want to express, but can’t express openly.

Like how you still love that crush in high school. Like your desire to succeed. Like your innermost fears. Your darker side. Your emotional turbelences.

I honestly think that people only say 10% of the things that they are thinking about. Adults, I mean.

To me, writing is like avenue where you can say exactly how you feel without being judged, without caring about anyone but what you think.

It’s having the freedom, to say exactly what you think and feel.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about writing a book. But I’m not sure what exactly I should write about.

I’ve two ideas, fiction and non-fiction.

One is a young adult fiction story, the other, I’m not too sure yet.

stay tuned.

Am I the only one who feels this way,

I used to be the kind of girl that believed in fairytale endings 

The kind of girl that believed people were good by nature 

Were we all like that once?

They say when you go through different experiences, you become stronger and wiser.

But I guess it changed my perception on people in general.

Seems that everyone have their own personal agenda for every action nowadays.

That’s the reason why I’ve always been hooked on to heroes – real life heroes or ‘superheroes’.

I just felt the idea, that one could go through pain, risk everything, for the sake of a better good, it was an ideal that I loved.

The harsh reality is that this kind of people are one in a million.

What’s easier to find are people intentionally hurting others for the sake of their own benefits.

I find myself naive, even, that I still dream of such an ideal.

The irony of it is that while I’m living in a first world country, where people are supposed to be all highly educated and smart,

It has become a rarity to see the basic values of kindness, honesty and emphaty.