Things that are more important than money


Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems, that we forget the things we should be thankful for.

This feeling of warmth, of true, genuine happiness always makes me remember why I am fighting for the things I am fighting for.

I’m really touched. And grateful. And appreciative.

To meet someone like that in my life – and my company. 

Someone that looks out for you, cares for you, helps you, sincerely & genuinely.

Despite all the shit and tough times I had to go through this year, 

I really think that having met this one person in 2013 made everything worthwhile.

He’s the apple of my eye.




Strange but true

You know how people say they feel the Monday Blues?

I know this sounds really weird. 

But I am really looking forward, to going to work, opening my laptop. Hearing the usual nonsense from my colleagues cum tablemates. 

And doing something I believe in.


I can’t explain it really.

No matter how stressed I am, no matter how many headaches I have.

Everything seems just that little bit better after telling you.

If only I knew

I used to be a tomboy

An introvert

Someone who had few friends, when i was really young

You can say I had a lonely childhood

Back then all I wanted was to be pretty and popular.

I thought that would make me happy.

And then I grew older

Started growing out my hair, looking into fashion,

Had my first boyfriend, my first flings.

Guys started to find me cute.

But then I wanted something different, I wanted success.

I wanted the material things, I wanted to smart, good at sales, a leader.

I wanted to drive a luxury car, live in a beautiful condo, with J.

And I look at now, and some things I wished for came true,

Some didn’t.

I’m now the kind of girl I used to envy,

the kind of girl whom guys would like without even getting to know me… Just based on very superficial things

the kind of girl whom girls probably are jealous of.

im not trying to boast when I post this.

im just saying that it’s taken me so long to realize that…

What makes a person, what makes me happy

Is not the material things

Its not what you look on the outside

We’re taught to believe that if we look a certain way, act a certain way, and have certain things, we’ll be in control of our lives. That things will go our way.

But that’s just an illusion really.

Until now, I face the same uncertainties with my relationships.

I still face insecurities all the time.

Sometimes I feel like I can take on the world, sometimes I have no idea where I’m headed really.

And when you think that you have everything under control, life just gives you another challenge.

I guess that’s life.

All we can do, is just to trust our intuition, take a leap of faith, and pray for the best.

It’s always easy to point the finger at someone else

Just some thoughts recently,

Has it become human nature to play the blaming game?

I see it happen everywhere. 

In work. In relationships. From big decisions to small decisions.

Does it make people feel better to push the blame on someone else when something fucks up.

To me what I think very frankly.

If you screw up at work, don’t blame your superior for it. 

If you made a bad decision with a relationship, blame your own judgement.

If your company is doing like shit, stop blaming your staff.

I’ve screwed up too. I made bad decisions before in wrong judgement. But at the very least, I’ve always held this belief. 

In life, you’ve always had, and always will have a choice. 

If one day you stop believing you are the one that chose where you are today, and blame your circumstances instead, you will never move forward. 

To me it is as simple as that.

Because it is difficult to change the world. But you can change yourself. And to change your perception towards a problem only takes one moment. 

I’m disgusted by people that push the blame to others. 

Change yourself before you try to change others.