The same kind of dream, over & over again

Yesterday was one of those dreams. Which I hoped would go on and on.

It was so similar to all the dreams I’ve had of you.

The car ride, going some place to eat, chatting about nothing important in general.

The closeness I had with you. 

I miss you. Truly


Had the weirdest dream yesterday,

The kind of dream you drift in and out of, but hope that you don’t wake up just yet.

In that dream I imagined myself on top of a mountain, with the wind blowing on my skin. And that there was this guy on the other side of the mountain, an admirer, smiling at me.

It seemed so real.

Anyway, this dream aside. I’m really so stressed nowadays with my new boss.

I guess, it’ll be good to be back with my old one.

A hundred things to say

A hundred things to tell you.

Maybe, just maybe, if you read my blog.

Maybe you would understand how I felt,

You would know what I never told you.

I don’t need us to be lovers again. That’s like hoping for the impossible. I just hope, that, well… I could see you. Or hear your voice. 

Just that.