It’s the time of the year to count your blessings and spread the love

It’s funny how sometimes your life can be such a rollercoaster

Some days are good,

And some days are that bad.

And this time of the year, as always…

We reflect on our whole year and plan our resolutions for the new year to come.

Slowly as I grow, I start to realize the things that truly make me happy.

And what I can/can’t live without.

Different people have different priorities at different ages…

And well, I’ve realized that beyond everything there’s some things I must have in my life for me to want to strife.

Friendship. Recognition & Love.

I wanted to set my priorities straight, and to understand that some priorities I thought was not priorities had to be part of them.

Life could only be complete when you had the things you valued in place.

In 2013, I pledge myself 

1) To have an annual income of $70k

2) To achieve my target every month

3) To set aside time for friends 

4) To travel to Korea & Taiwan

5) To set aside time for family

6) To save at least 35% of my earnings 

7) To learn and be a top notch salesperson

8) To achieve my dream weight of 45kg

9) To have flawless skin

10) To be positive and happy


Three kinds of advice

When I was young, life used to be simple.

Right means right. Wrong means wrong.

People around told me that you should study hard. Work hard. Be honest, kind and good.

And I believed in it. 

But as I grew older. Suddenly, what is right and what is wrong, the line between them became blurred. 

And you start to realize that whatever advice people told you when you were young. They don’t even believe it.

And there are three kinds of advice in this world

The first one, given with bad intentions, meant for their own self interest and doesn’t help you.

The second one, given with good intentions, but without understanding your situation, doesn’t help you. 

The third one, given with good intentions, and is applicable to you, and ultimately brings you closer to your goals.

The issue we face is that sometimes we can’t differentiate them. Do you agree?

First love

I don’t think we can ever be friends again.

because all along to me, you have always been a man.

a man I loved.

and in time to come, you’ll be my first love

and maybe one day when we meet

we won’t even say hi 

or even how you’ve been.

but I will remember, we used to be like that…


Sometimes I just want

Time to rewind 

I wished we get second chances.

but we dont.

time can’t rewind.

Memories cant be erased. 

And it’s difficult to know you’ve lost something you loved

by your own mistake.