They make it worthwhile

to feel part of something, to feel you truly belong. I haven’t felt this way for some time. 

Im happy to say I may have finally found that feeling back. 

one of my biggest fault is my insecurities.

but these friends give me strength. 

its been a happy day, and a happy week.


Happy day

Today was good. No complains, no heartaches, no sorrow.

Sometimes happiness can be so simple. 

Watched wolf of Wall Street with E. 


To hear that from you,

Friday night, I had a really good time. 

At cq, with my favorite colleagues. 

But what I could clearly remember. Is you telling me.

“I have a secret to tell you. Actually at the start when you first joined the company I wanted to chase you.”

Why didn’t you?

I don’t know what made you decide to confess at that moment, after so much time has passed. But it made me wonder if things would have been different. 

And I guess, really, that sometimes I do overthink certain things.

What makes a change


In the new year, my Facebook newsfeed is spammed with everyone talking about new year resolutions

It got me thinking –

Every new year, we resolve to do the same things

Become slimmer, be more successful, spend time with family, save money.

We write down all the resolutions of 2014.

but what makes me think is that, these new year resolutions. They get forgotten in a matter of months.

We don’t change, just because it is a new year.

Every day, we go through minor changes. Normally these changes occur because of the people around us – what they say & do. We get inspired, demoralized, happy, sad… etc.

But for a major change, normally it takes great decision and determination to make it happen.

And most of the time a major change can only happen when something, or someone you met in your life greatly affect the way you think and live.

It could be an event that is life-changing, good or bad.

People change when the pain of staying where you are is more painful than the pain of growth.

We change only when we can no longer accept the circumstances and situation we are in.

Like the bad relationship you are in.

Or the job you are doing only for money.

or the toxic friendships you are keeping.

To me, change doesnt come simply with a new year.

It comes with a decision and knowing what you truly want.