I don’t want you to be just another passerby

As we grow older, we start to realize that people come and go in our lives.

Close friends can become distant.

Friends can become lovers. 

Lovers can become ex-es.

Some people can be part of your life everyday, and the next, become just a passerby. 

But I realized, I don’t want you to be a passerby.

I wanted to know you, to understand you, to be there for you, to be part of your life.

because you charm me on so many levels, physically, mentally & emotionally.

and I don’t fully understand you yet somehow I feel this chemistry, this longing. And I want to know you better.

And trust me, I don’t really care to know people well nowadays.

I wanted to know how’s your day, whether you’re with someone, whether you got to work on time, whether you’re progressing well in your career, whether you’re happy.

I wanted to hear your laughter, and the endless nonsensical talk and chattering.

I loved how you were so driven, so strong outside, yet I loved how you were faithful and emotional at the right times.

i really want to be with you.


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