If your life were to flash you by like a movie, would you be happy with what you saw?

Today I saw a corporate video our HQ made. It was a beautiful video that marked major points and progress in our company, as well as corresponding important events worldwide. From 1940 onwards, stretching all the way till now. I don’t know why when I was looking at that video, I started to think, if my own life and achievements and turning points were played out like that video, would I be proud of what I saw? I thought back to the moments that I felt were my greatest achievements, my happiest  times, my biggest mistakes, my worst heartbreaks. I’m thankful for those happy  moments. These memories, they become a part of me, even when the people that exist in them, our relationship and us have changed. But I don’t know why I still remember all these things as clearly. They may have been six to seven years past, some less, but I remember them as clear as if it was just yesterday. Maybe these memories, I remember them not by my brain but by my heart. Because the heart never forgets. And similarly, the wounds that were inflicted, that hurt… I remember them by my heart as well. I wish I didn’t. I want to create a story of my life I would look back and smile at.


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