When you only have good memories with that someone, the good thing is that they can always be perfect to you

I met you more than 3 years ago. I was far too young, immature and broken. If there was one good thing about that place, it was you. I liked you from the start. You were confident, kind, smart, funny, and even cute. You were my ideal.

I’ve known you for a very short time only. In that period, I only had good memories. You helping me at work. Driving me home when you could. Going out for lunches together. You having such a mesmerizing voice.

I’ve only ever known the good in you.

I reminiscence this time, because I recently realised something.

The more closely you know someone; the more you see their flaws. And sometimes it disappoints me.

But because I’ve only known you for that while, and because in my memories you are perfect, to me, you will always be perfect.

It may not be a bad thing for me to remember you by that.

Thank you, J.

For that memory.