Spa at home

Dear readers, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article related to beauty.
I do apologise, there’s so much going on in my life at the moment – it’s been a rollercoaster.

How has your 2012 been? I personally felt that whatever ups and downs in life, there’s nothing like a spa to relieve stress and wash away troubles.


Today, I’ll be sharing with you some tips on having your very own home made spa.

Things you will need
Brown sugar
Rose petals/flower petals
Lavender oil
Hot ginger tea
Bath towel
Yoghurt (plain or strawberry)
Body lotion

Duration : 30-40 minutes

Step 1 : Fill your bathtub with warm running water. Add milk to moisturise skin. Using milk that has expired by one to two days is ok.

Step 2 : When tub is filled, add in rose or any fragrant flower petals with a few drops of lavender oil and soak for 15 minutes. At this moment, just sit back and relax while reading magazines and drinking your favourite hot ginger tea.

Step 3 : Treat your face to a mini spa at the same time by applying plain/strawberry yoghurt. Yoghurt mask is a common homemade mask that has really good moisturising and soothing benefits. It is especially good for acne prone skin.

Step 4 : Use brown sugar and mix with water to make a paste and use that as a exfoliant, body scrub. Scrub off your dead skin cells in gentle circular motions.

Step 5 : Dry yourself with a bath towel. Apply your favourite body lotion.

And there you have it! A spa, as good as what you can find outside, but at the cost of only less than $5. This is my treat to all my readers to end 2012.

Do comment if you like this post. Your comments give me inspiration to write beautiful articles.


What works to remove blackheads effectively

Everyday, before leaving home, you apply foundation on your nose and t-zone area in an attempt to cover up unsightly blackheads. No matter what you do to remove them, they just seem to keep coming back! Does this sound familiar to you?

Getting rid of blackheads is a common problem, and sometimes it gets very frustrating. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you what worked for me, and what didn’t over the years.

My skin condition : Oily skin, used to have many blackheads especially at T-zone area. Occasional pimples.

What you should do
1) Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse
To me, a cleansing routine is the most important if you want to keep your skin clear and beautiful. Because everyday our face is being exposed to many chemicals, dirt, and oil. The only way to get rid of blackheads is by getting rid of the root of the problem – which is the oil and dirt our skin is clogged up by, which eventually forms blackheads. This is what any beautician will tell you as well.

If you have oily skin, like me, scrub your face twice weekly.
If you have dry skin, once a week. This helps to exfoliate your skin.
When I cleanse my face, I always use facial sponge to cleanse. It really helps in deep cleansing, getting rid of dirt stuck in your pores. This can be found in departmental stores for just a few dollars. Massage your face while cleansing – you should lather for at least 20-30 seconds before washing off.
If you do apply makeup, use cleansing milk.

2) Facials
I recommend going for facials weekly to do extraction if you have serious condition. After which, going for facials twice a month helps to maintain your skin condition. This could be a pricier option for students. If you can’t afford this option, do home made facials for yourself.

3) The trusty blackhead remover
Now, this is the item I really swear by. I always use this to remove blackheads after a hot shower. Remember to follow up with a toner and soothing clay mask to close your pores and calm your skin after.

4) The right products for your face
I only believe in 100% organic products. The product I’m using currently really helps to keep my skin much clearer than it used to be. Most importantly, it’s natural, so the effects are long lasting. It has oil control, exfoliating properties, so it’s really effectively in preventing new blackheads from forming.

What you should not do
1) Strong coverage foundation/BB creams
I’ve been applying makeup for two years now. That was the worse thing I’ve ever done for my skin. Applying BB creams was my favourite because they were so convenient. But the problem with BB creams is that they mostly clog up your pores, and there’s oil in the ingredients. Now, I only use a tinted moisturiser along with a makeup base lotion for my skin. And my skin is loving it, it looks better even, then when I was putting so much foundation on.

2) Nose strips
Nose strips work, but they can only remove surface blackheads and only at the nose area, which blackheads come back very quickly.

I hope this article helps you. Do comment and let me know the other topics you want me to blog about.

Pore minimising mask in every home


Have problems with enlarged pores? Plagued with open pores at the T-zone area?

Did you know that in your own home, there’s an effective solution to all these issues, that’s almost free?

Egg white mask – another one of nature’s wonderful home made remedies.

Why does egg white work?
Egg white dries out the skin, allowing the oil producing pores to appear minimised, and smoother.

It’s simple.

1) Take two eggs. Remove the yolk, and beat egg white with whisk or fork till smooth.
*If you have lemon at home, you may add a few drops as a astringent.

2) Deep cleanse face. Dry well with a facial towel, and apply a layer of egg white mask all over your skin.

3) Wait for 15 minutes, you will feel a tightening sensation.

4) Wash off all residue. Apply toner to finish.

Things to note :
In order for this to work well, your pores need to be thoroughly cleanse of dirt, oil, and blackheads. Pores cannot be minimised effectively with dirt still stuck inside. Comment if you want me to upload a post on removing blackheads effectively.