What makes a change


In the new year, my Facebook newsfeed is spammed with everyone talking about new year resolutions

It got me thinking –

Every new year, we resolve to do the same things

Become slimmer, be more successful, spend time with family, save money.

We write down all the resolutions of 2014.

but what makes me think is that, these new year resolutions. They get forgotten in a matter of months.

We don’t change, just because it is a new year.

Every day, we go through minor changes. Normally these changes occur because of the people around us – what they say & do. We get inspired, demoralized, happy, sad… etc.

But for a major change, normally it takes great decision and determination to make it happen.

And most of the time a major change can only happen when something, or someone you met in your life greatly affect the way you think and live.

It could be an event that is life-changing, good or bad.

People change when the pain of staying where you are is more painful than the pain of growth.

We change only when we can no longer accept the circumstances and situation we are in.

Like the bad relationship you are in.

Or the job you are doing only for money.

or the toxic friendships you are keeping.

To me, change doesnt come simply with a new year.

It comes with a decision and knowing what you truly want.


It’s always easy to point the finger at someone else

Just some thoughts recently,

Has it become human nature to play the blaming game?

I see it happen everywhere. 

In work. In relationships. From big decisions to small decisions.

Does it make people feel better to push the blame on someone else when something fucks up.

To me what I think very frankly.

If you screw up at work, don’t blame your superior for it. 

If you made a bad decision with a relationship, blame your own judgement.

If your company is doing like shit, stop blaming your staff.

I’ve screwed up too. I made bad decisions before in wrong judgement. But at the very least, I’ve always held this belief. 

In life, you’ve always had, and always will have a choice. 

If one day you stop believing you are the one that chose where you are today, and blame your circumstances instead, you will never move forward. 

To me it is as simple as that.

Because it is difficult to change the world. But you can change yourself. And to change your perception towards a problem only takes one moment. 

I’m disgusted by people that push the blame to others. 

Change yourself before you try to change others. 


Change is the only thing that’s permanent in this world.
At the same time, we are fearful of change.

Many times, I hear people complaining about their lives.
Whether its their work, their partner, or situations that they are in.
When I hear those complaints, like most of us, I’ll always tell the person – if they don’t like where they are, change it.

But when it comes to myself, then I realise why people don’t want to change.
We fear the unknown, we fear the uncertainty. When we change a career or a partner or other situations, we’re not sure of the outcome. How it’ll turn out.

This quote gave me the strength to change my situation.
I guess in everything there’s always good and bad.
As much as I don’t see future in what I’m currently doing, I’ll miss the friends here, and the flexibility of my time again.

But this quote inspired me.

If you are like me, unsure of whether you have the courage to make a change in your life for the better.
Whether its an unsatisfactory job, an abusive boyfriend.
I hope this quote will help.

We cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have. We are able to consciously control our conditions as we come to sense the purpose of what we attract, and are able to extract from each experience only what we require for our further growth. Our ability to do this determines the degree of harmony or happiness we attain.”

Charles F. Haanel

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The only thing that’s permanent in life is change.

I’m 21 years old.
What does 21 mean?
They say that when you’re 21, you become a adult.
Before 21, I didn’t understand.
But now I do.

This age to me, is not just a number.
It makes me reflect how far I’ve gone. What I learnt.
And where I want to go.

There are choices in life I wish I didn’t make.
There are also choices in life I wish I made.
Things I wish I could take back.
Things I wish I’ve said.
Things I did wrongly
Things I did right.
But upon reflecting,
I think that, if I had a chance to start all over
I would live my life the same way.

The ups and downs I’ve gone through
The achievements I had
The things I regretted
They all made me.
Life isn’t about always making the right choices
I guess in every thing that happens to us, be it good or bad
Is to teach us a lesson. To create who we are.
And shape our future.