Three kinds of advice

When I was young, life used to be simple.

Right means right. Wrong means wrong.

People around told me that you should study hard. Work hard. Be honest, kind and good.

And I believed in it. 

But as I grew older. Suddenly, what is right and what is wrong, the line between them became blurred. 

And you start to realize that whatever advice people told you when you were young. They don’t even believe it.

And there are three kinds of advice in this world

The first one, given with bad intentions, meant for their own self interest and doesn’t help you.

The second one, given with good intentions, but without understanding your situation, doesn’t help you. 

The third one, given with good intentions, and is applicable to you, and ultimately brings you closer to your goals.

The issue we face is that sometimes we can’t differentiate them. Do you agree?


It’s always easy to point the finger at someone else

Just some thoughts recently,

Has it become human nature to play the blaming game?

I see it happen everywhere. 

In work. In relationships. From big decisions to small decisions.

Does it make people feel better to push the blame on someone else when something fucks up.

To me what I think very frankly.

If you screw up at work, don’t blame your superior for it. 

If you made a bad decision with a relationship, blame your own judgement.

If your company is doing like shit, stop blaming your staff.

I’ve screwed up too. I made bad decisions before in wrong judgement. But at the very least, I’ve always held this belief. 

In life, you’ve always had, and always will have a choice. 

If one day you stop believing you are the one that chose where you are today, and blame your circumstances instead, you will never move forward. 

To me it is as simple as that.

Because it is difficult to change the world. But you can change yourself. And to change your perception towards a problem only takes one moment. 

I’m disgusted by people that push the blame to others. 

Change yourself before you try to change others. 


Life is made out of decisions.

There’s small decisions like deciding where to eat, or deciding what to buy.

Then there’s minor decisions like deciding what to reply, what to respond.

Then there’s major decisions. That change the course of your life.

Some decisions are the ones you choose.
Some decisions are the ones that are decided by others unto you.

In life, it’s inevitable we make both good and bad decisions.

If I had a superpower, I would want the superpower to be making the best possible decision in every situation.

You? What’s the worst and best decision you’ve ever made?

A meaningful life

I used to wonder what a meaningful life meant.
When I was 9, I felt that having a meaningful life was having friendship.
At 15, I felt that having a meaningful life was having found love.
At 20, I felt that having a meaningful life was success in career.
But at every point in my life, I’ve always felt that something was missing.
And I realised that having a meaningful life, was to be fulfilled in all aspects.
To be happy, to live fruitfully, you have to have wonderful friends to support you. Strong family ties. A soulmate. A successful career. And a spiritual side.
Only when all are fulfilled, will you lead a meaningful life.